Structure & Leadership

The Forum is a growing global community of transformations enablers and initiatives.  Our aim is to develop and make widely available the transformational infrastructure, resources and practical knowledge for all those involved in transformational journeys.

The Forum was initiated in 2017 with leadership from the global science community represented by Future Earth and the International Transformations Conference Series, a pre-eminent biennial meeting space. Forum stakeholders include those working for transformation through science, government, business, civil society, funders, and practice.

Forum Council

The Forum’s connecting leadership group is its Council; each Working Group is led by  “Stewards”, a term emphasizing the Forum’s role of supporting the emergence of a powerful transformation learning action system. Stewards are listed on each Working Group page.

One Councillor comes from each Steward Team (ST).  They are:

  1. Transforming Capacity ST: Coleen Vogel, Global Change Institute, University of Witswatersrand
  2. Transforming Evaluation ST: Glenn Page, SustainaMetrix
  3. Transforming Finance ST: Steven Lovink, Philanthropy4Life
  4. Transforming Governance and Innovation: Open
  5. Transforming Innovation ST: Per Olsson, Stockholm Resilience Centre
  6. Transforming Narrative ST: Sandra Waddock, Boston College
  7. Transformations Conferences: Ioan Fazey, Professor of Social Dimensions of Environmental Change, Geography, School of Social Sciences, University of York
  8. Transforming Places ST: Stuart Cowan, Regenerative Community Network
  9. Councillor-at-Large: Josh Tewksbury, Future Earth
  10. Councillor-at-Large: Katherine Trebeck, Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Councillors from key external partner organizations are currently being identified.

Lead Stewards Team

The Lead Stewards from each Working Group meet to operationalize the Forum’s mission. They are:

  1. Capacity Lead WG Steward: Hilary Bradbury, AR+
  2. Financing Transformations WG: Steve Waddell, NetworkingAction
  3. Innovations WG: Matthew Reading Smith, Civicus
  4. Meta-Narratives Lead Steward Chris RiedyUniversity of Technology Sydney and Institute for Sustainable Futures
  5. Evaluation for Transformation: Zenda Ofir Evaluation for Development & Stellenbosch University
Lead Staff

As well as Financing Transformations Lead Steward, Steve Waddell is Lead Staff for the Forum and can be contacted at