Realizing purposeful transformation requires unprecedented collaboration to address the complexity, rapidity and scale of interactions essential for successful transformation challenges.  We are working to create a Transformations Interaction Platform (TIP) as an unparalleled Multi-Sided Platform (MSP) that will support scale and complexity of exchange and activity, globally.  This requires connecting, in a wide variety of ways, the full range of those working on transformation. Doing this is predicated upon the understanding that:

  1. Both users and developers must be brought together in a platform co-development process.
  2. There is an unrecognized and poorly articulated value proposition for creating a shared space for these enablers and initiatives. This is because there is relatively low understanding of the possibilities and benefits of a multi-sided platform (MSP) design, amongst the technology and the transformations communities.
  3. Transformations enablers and initiatives commonly have their own web-sites and varying degree of web-sophistication in terms of such things as blogs, data platforms, social media strategies. The range of ways that these might connect to a TIP is an important issue.
  4. The TIP must be so attractive to users that it will attract tens of millions of them.

MSPs address what is often referred to as a “friction”. This is the reason the ‘sides’ or entities that have a common interest, are connecting far short of their optimal desire. For the Forum and the world of transformation, the core friction is caused by the complexity of transformation work, the number of stakeholders that it involves, difficult access to finance and information, and lack of the trust between entities required for collaboration and transactions.  The TIP will greatly reduce the friction amongst transformation enablers and initiatives, such as the ability and ease with which those undertaking transformation action and those interested in financing such action can find and qualify each other.

A successful TIP will require many, many participants/users, in order to generate sufficient compelling value. This means the TIP’s development is a community organizing challenge, as well as a technological one.  The Forum’s community organizing is around “transformations systems” – such a system comprises all those initiatives that are trying to transform a particular issue (eg: an SDG) or place (eg: watershed, political jurisdiction) or some combination of these.

The TIP must have functionality to support structured and ad hoc community formation and the sharing of media of different forms. It must handle multiple economic models simultaneously, Creative Commons and commercial licensing, subscription systems, capacity development, and more. The TIP will also be used for governance of the overall Forum system.