Transforming Governance and Organizing


The Governance and Organizing (G&O) ST co-creates and amplifies governance transformational infrastructure that systemically supports the emergence of a future aligned with and going beyond the SDGs.

The processes associated with collective direction-setting, decision-making and action-taking (i.e., governance at all levels) are inhibiting our ability to respond to the increasingly rapid pace, complexity and scale of change in ways that support flourishing socially, economically and environmentally. Government processes are increasingly led by authoritarian rule with limited concerns, or by divided and indecisive legislatures.  Corporate governance is producing a short-term focus with narrowly defined beneficiaries.  NGOs have weak business models and accountability mechanisms that limit their potential. Global governance problems are manifest with wars and stymied attempts at addressing civilization-threatening issues like biodiversity loss, human migration, and climate change.

We require deep innovation in the ways we organize. The scale of change needed may be likened to the change from absolute monarchies to representative democracies; from family businesses to world-spanning corporations and from religious-based organizations to an array of community agencies. Governance change of this scale can be seen arising over the past quarter century.  Public-private partnerships and multi-stakeholder collaborations have become widespread.  Benefit corporations and the Fourth Sector are arising as experiments in ways to address weaknesses of traditional business corporations. “Experimental governance” and “directed improvisation” are arising as new policy approaches.  Virtual networks are producing new forms of decentralized organizations.

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Steward Team

Stewards of this Steward Team are still being identified.

Lead Initiator:  Steve Waddell –