The very idea of developing purposeful transformation usually overwhelms people – even “change experts” – because of the scale, complexity and unpredictable nature of the dynamics involved.  Nevertheless, recent experience and arising knowledge have produced various theories of transformational change that are of value.  Forum participants have defined an approach that, while far from easy, inspires their confidence as a way to address the complexity and scale.  Their strategy proposes that successful and speedy transformation requires:

  1. Understanding “transformation” as a very specific type of “change”.

The Forum distinguishes between increment change, reform and transformation.  Without this understanding, the wrong tools and strategies are often used.

  1. Creating comprehensive processes that:
    1. Work with five powerful drivers of transformation to support the desired direction of transformation;
    2. Tackle six deep systems that impede transformations; and
    3. Develop innovative infrastructure of transformations systems to rapidly mature transformations. This includes development of a Transformations Innovation Platform as a technological structure supporting many relationships and activities that support the social infrastructure.
  2. Supporting radical actions that move towards the new paradigm.

This approach is represented in the diagram below:

You can get a description of the theory here.