Transforming Evaluation

Affirming the importance of the transformation agenda for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and for SDG 17 in particular, the Transforming Evaluation Steward Team strives to support the emergence of a powerful evaluation system that can help facilitate and accelerate transformation globally – in line with the foci and ambition in the 2030 Agenda and other related international undertakings such as the Paris Agreement and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

To do this, we are building a global network of interested persons and organizations who wish to cooperate and co-create to explore and advance the following interlinked areas of work:

  • Evaluative practice for transformative development, and
  • The transformation of evaluative practice.

Note that we use the term “evaluative practice” in the broadest sense to include monitoring, reflection, assessment, review, evaluation, and more – in other words, all professional action where evaluative thinking and processes are systematically applied with the aim to inform, improve and support decisions, actions and systems.

We have two objectives:

  1. To use the transformative power of evaluative practice to understand and help enable the changes sought towards rapid achievement of the SDGs and other relevant international goals. We are especially interested in understanding the evaluation of large systems change (see also here) and global systems change (see also here) as a means to energize, stimulate and open up new pathways for learning, acting and reflecting.
  2. To seek transformative change in the global evaluation system itself, so that its full potential is harnessed in support of accelerating progress towards rapid achievement of the SDGs and other relevant international ambitions. We aim to explore a reframing of evaluative practice around the SDGs and other ambitious frameworks and undertakings as part of transformative processes, with the field of evaluative practice itself being transformed.

The focus, principles and approaches of the Steward Team have been established during a nine month-long process that has engaged more around a hundred people from diverse areas of work across the world, including leading thinkers in the field of systems, complexity science and evaluation. The Steward Team is now putting together Interest Groups that evolve as our priorities for action evolve. At present we have nine transient Interest Groups emerging in areas that we have identified as necessary to support the objectives of the Working Group and of the Forum.

We also intend to establish a network or platform of interested organizations that can share in the provision of intellectual, in-kind and financial resources for the work of the Working Group.

Further details are available in the Steward Team Action Plan and Manifesto, introduced in this summary.

Transforming Evaluations Stewards