Transforming Innovation


Innovations — technological and social — are central to transformations processes. Social innovations – changes in ways of organizing (e.g.: new constitutions, Benefits Corporations, micro-credit groups, Global Action Networks, transformations systems) are usually associated with purposeful transformational goals.  Transformation may arise with technological innovation, although its primary purpose may be financial return; such technologies often seriously damage social and environmental systems. Social damage examples include social media in terms of the impact on political and trust systems, and wealth structures greatly increasing economic inequity.  Negative environmental impacts include issues with plastics, chemicals, plant genome manipulation concerns, and discarded electronic products.

This ST is concerned with the development of transformational social and technological innovations, in support of SDGs. This includes both transforming innovation processes (systems) themselves, in support of integrating social and environmental systems, and development of transformations systems supporting particular innovations.

Read the  Transforming Innovation Action Plan in Brief.

Steward Team

The Steward Team is still in formation.