Transforming Capacity


The SDG Transformations Forum Transforming Capacity Steward Team focuses on accelerating the emergence of a critical mass of change agents to help bring about the individual, organizational and societal transformations required to achieve Agenda 2030 (the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement). The Team aims to support the development, by 2030, of one million ‘change agents for transformation’ by initiating a global, multi-stakeholder community-of-action, which:

  • Maps and connects the many existing initiatives (see Appendix A) and individuals that are nurturing change agents for social and environmental transformation and sustainability;
  • Comprehensively researches the learning needs of change agents for transformation; and
  • Based on the first two actions, creates innovative responses to collaboratively explore, develop, test and scale novel learning solutions for transformative change.

Read the Transforming Capacity Steward Team Action Plan in brief.