Learning Futures co-lab courses are organized by the Capacity Development Working Group and AR+.  This is an initial step to develop a “Pluriversity” as an accessible resource for those wanting high quality materials and coaching in support of Action oriented Research/learning/capacity for Transformation (ART).

Starting May 15: Transformative narratives towards regenerative action

Co-Stewards: Thomas MacIntyre & Hilary Bradbury, with Steve Waddell

…Liberating Next Generation Transformative Learning for Regenerative Societies

Join this co-lab, which places the practice of storytelling at the heart of catalysing transformations towards regenerative futures.  Storytelling in this workshop setting is a practice that emphasizes reflexivity, i.e., the ability to bring unconscious thinking and behaviors to awareness so that we become more choiceful in how we act with stakeholders in pursuit of regenerative outcomes.

Why: Are we at a new planetary crossroads where the sum of our decisions decides our collective fate? With the discourse on sustainability proving insufficient to mobilize out efforts towards a better world, do we now need new stories to shake up the values and beliefs that do not serve ourselves and our community? If you sense that this may be true, then join us in the practice of “regeneration” – the compassionate, empathic and collaborative culture of creativity and shared abundance through innate love for all of life. Our question is: How can we contribute to a regenerative culture where we are connected to place and one another? And through action, how might we rebuild together what we have broken?

Who: This transdisciplinary course is for scholars and practitioners who are actively interested in learning and sharing inner- and outer- transformative experiences, and in being part of the emergence of a global community of inquiry/practice.  We invite you to join our learning community especially if you feel called to transformative work, but are not quite sure how to “jump in.”  We believe you can’t get there from there, you get there from here. Meaning: our ideas about transforming the system may be helpful, but better to start with our own experience “here,” engaging with others – and going together.

How: Synergising the work of inquiry-based Action Research with co-steward Hilary Bradbury, and large scale vision of the SDG Transformations Forum lead by Steve Waddell, Thomas Macintyre will facilitate this learning journey through employing the innovative Living Spiral Framework. This framework guides us to generate, share, and co-create transformation narratives which connect our personal inner world with the new collective story we are creating for a better world.  Thomas’ facilitation builds on peer reviewed and published work, e.g., on Climate Transformations.

Two key questions:
1. To what extent are you as a person disrupting or challenging values and beliefs that are not serving yourself and your community?
2. How can personal and collective transformations lead to large-scale systemic change needed for planetary regeneration?

What you will learn: After successful completion of this co-lab workshop participants are expected to be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the debate around the role of narratives in transforming society, as well as the tensions between individual (small-scale) and collective (large-scale) transformations needed for planetary regeneration.
  • Effectively create and present a transformation narrative based on personal (inc. research) experiences, ideally located in your bio-region.
  • Critically evaluate what is held as ” personal” in terms its “socio-ecological” transformative potential in the context of community.

Logistics: This Learning Futures co-lab starts online on May 15 at 08.00 AM California time (4PM London).  We’ll end on July 10. During these weeks expect to enjoy four (4) online video-meetings together. Over the course of our work together, you may expect individual and group exercises to be completed off-line. Once we have a list of early registrants we’ll finalize the online meetings.

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