Steve Waddell – Lead Staff, SDG Transformations Forum

Responding to the 21st century’s enormous global challenges and realizing its unsurpassed opportunities require new ways of acting and organizing. For the past 30 years Steve has been supporting this with organizational, network, and societal change and development. He does this as Principal of NetworkingAction through consultations, education, research, and personal leadership. For the last 10 years he’s focused largely on multi-stakeholder global change networks (Global Action Networks) and complex change. He is currently Lead Staff for the SDG Transformation Forum.

Dozens of publications include the books Societal Learning and Change: Innovation with Multi-Stakeholder Strategies (2005); Global Action Networks: Creating our future together (2011); Change for the Audacious: a doers’ guide to large systems change for a flourishing future (2016). Steve was lead editor of a special issue of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship on large systems change (June 2015). He has a Ph.D. in sociology and an MBA, and is a Canadian-American living in Boston.