October, 2019


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A Proposal for Global Transformation Action


Urgent action is needed to transform our unsustainable civilisation. Our vision is a world transformed into a flourishing planet that is inclusive, just, sustainable and ecological.

Forum Proposal Background


Behind the proposal is three years of work by transformations advocates. Rather than being the product of an institution, scientific body, NGO, consultants, or group of governments,

Key Proposal Aspects


Radical strengthening of 11 transformations systems, creation of a Transformations Interaction Platform and developing a flow of radical transformations

The Foundational Theory of Transformational Change


For a business person, it is a strategy; for an academic or change agent, it’s a theory. In both cases, it’s a description of what to do, to get a desired outcome.

Forum’s Identity, Vision, Mission and Principles


The proposal development process included revisiting the Forum’s description of itself. This produced the following statements.

Survey of Scientists


Future Earth is conducting a Global Risk Scientists’ Perception survey to complement the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Global Risks Report,



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