Transforming Narratives


The Transforming Narrative Steward Team explores and supports emergence of new meta-narratives and their component memes and stories that promote and respect equitable and sustainable development, with a particular focus on developing the knowledge linked to practice.


Transformation involves the creation of dominant new orientations, values, and ways of global understanding. A core part of this is developing new visions and narratives about the way the world does or should work. “Sustainable development” is part of this, but much more must be done to create new narratives to carry us through the epochal transition that is currently underway. There are many fragmented initiatives working on narratives, currently being brought together as the Wellbeing Economies Alliance (WEAll). The Forum’s Transforming Narrative Steward Team works in support of this movement and the SDGs to produce knowledge and capacity to realize a transformative narrative. See the Narrative Steward Team’s Three Year Action Plan in Brief.