June 2018



Seedbeds of Transformations
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Emerging Transformations Systems through Transformations Brightspots


“Transformations systems” is a core concept of the SDG Transformations Forum. However, that concept is ethereal and abstract, making it hard to grasp. At its May meeting in Marseille, Forum leaders rallied behind developing transformations brightspots as a way to address this problem and operationalize the Forum’s work.

Seedbeds of Transformations


The Forum in Africa

The SDG Transformations Forum organised a participatory process over May 9-11 in Port Elisabeth, South Africa with the Seedbeds for Transformations Conference. Co-convened by Future Earthwith the National Research Foundation of South Africa, the South Africa

Council Expands


The Forum is pleased to announce that Josh Tewksbury has joined as a Councillor-at-Large. Below Josh gives us his background.

I am currently the lead executive for Future Earth in the US, and one of five executives for Future Earth globally. Future Earth is a network organization

New Transforming A&E Lead Steward


The forum is fortunate to have Zenda Ofir step up to be the Lead Steward of the Transforming Evaluation and Assessment. Former Lead Steward. Glenn Page relinquishes the role, but remains Councillor for the Working Group.

Zenda Ofir is a full-time independent evaluator from South Africa. With a PhD

Working Group Reports



Lead Steward: Tony Cooke – tony@oneplaneteducationnetworks.org
Councillor: John Colvin – john.colvin.emeraldnetwork@gmail.com<

Operation Cascade: Tony Cook is acting as Lead Steward with five partners, to develop an ambitious program to create sustainability literacy and engagement amongst India’s 305 million people in full time education around the following:

Transformations 2019


Learning from Transformative Action and Thinking

Save the date!

16-19th October, 2019. Santiago, Chile.

The major Forum-associated global conference, Transformations 2019, will provide a platform for reciprocal learning between countries with developing and developed

Upcoming Events


Meta Narrative Working Group Introductory Webinar:
Introductory Webinar, Wednesday, June 27 8:00am ET, 13:00 UK, 14:00
CET, 17:30 India; 22:00 Sydney, Australia: Join a webinar on
Transformative Narratives. The purpose of the webinar is to bring
together those who are working on the stories and narratives.

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