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Humanity faces major global challenges like climate change, biodiversity  loss and poverty that threaten our sustainable future on the planet. Many people believe that the stories we tell about our relationship to the Earth and each other are part of the problem.

When you think of a story, you might think of an entertaining book, or film, or an anecdote a friend told you. But stories can run much deeper. Like the origin stories and myths of many cultures, these deep stories can tell us about our place in the world, how things are, and what our relationships with each other and with the world around us are like. These stories are vitally important because they influence how we think and what we do. We might not even be fully aware of the assumptions that are included in these stories and how they guide us.

Today, our deep stories are helping to create the sustainability challenges we face. One possible response is to find new stories about our relationship to the Earth and each other. We believe that many of those new stories are already out there in the world. We invite you to share your ideas about new stories that could support a sustainable future by responding to this survey.

The survey has been developed by Professor Chris Riedy from the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney and Professor Sandra Waddock from the Carroll School of Management, Boston College. Chris and Sandra lead a group on Transforming Narratives as part of the SDG Transformations Forum. They have also worked closely with representatives of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) to develop the survey. These two groups are working together to find and spread new stories and narratives that can help humanity achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and build an economy that delivers wellbeing for all. This research project is a voluntary initiative to contribute to this work. You can learn more about the Forum’s Transforming Narrative Steward Team and by contacting Chris Riedy at

Chris Riedy is Professor of Sustainability Governance and Director of Higher Degree Research at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney.  He is also Lead Steward of the Forum’s Transforming Narrative Steward Team.

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