Transforming Finance


The Steward Team supports emergence of a powerful financing transformation system. This means a system that optimizes financing change initiatives’ (see Figure) collective efforts with the 2030 Agenda.  The Team connects those who are working on transformation and finance and accelerates their alignment as a system, to address particularly impactful actions in terms of their impact on financial flows for transformation.


The 2030 Agenda requires transformation investment in unprecedented amounts. This financing transformation system includes a wide range of pools of money including sovereign wealth funds, the commercial insurance-equity-debt system, and philanthropic and high networth investors. There is an enormous number of initiatives pressing for this scale and type of investment. The Transforming Finance Steward Team looks at them collectively as a system, and identifies particular blockages and impediments to it realizing the necessary scale of transformational investment. It is focusing on developing a list of the top 10 such blockages, such as carbon subsidies and the need to better connect philanthropic-government-private finance, and bringing together those working for financing change to look at these as transformation challenges and identify and organize actions to address them. See the  Transforming Finance Steward Team’s Three-Year Plan in Brief.