Matthew Crighton, Friends of the Earth Scotland Scotland shares with other rich nations all the challenges of decarbonisation of energy use and consumption. In addition, Scotland is a producer of fossil fuels and has to face up to the consequences of decarboni
By Sandra Waddock – Galligan Chair of Strategy, Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility, and Professor of Management at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management; Councillor – SDG Transformations Forum for the Meta-Narrative Work
Carlos Alvarez Pereira, President – Innaxis Foundation and Research Institute; Steward – SDG Transformations Forum In
Systems Analysis
Dr Million Belay, Researcher, Stockholm Resilience Centre, and Co-ordinator, Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa;
Systems Analysis
By: Steve Waddell – Staff Lead, SDG Transformation Forum; Principal, NetworkingAction Four distinct strategies undertaken to realize transformation are described in a new article in Stanfo
Jindra Cekan, PhD, Carolien de Bruin and Peter Kimeu For 50 years we have tried our best to ‘develop’ ‘less developed countries’ (LDCs). Increasingly, a realization has kicked in that doing ‘development’ for partners and participa