Bounce Beyond to Next Economies July 23-29


Next economies are being featured in a webinar series co-organized by the SDG Transformations Forum and Humanity Rising (HR), an international coalition aiming to transform critical conversations into actions that will create a sustainable post-pandemic world. Co-featured in the series is Bounce Beyond, a new initiative growing out of the Forum with other partners in support of to a new paradigm, rather than “bouncing back” or “bouncing forward” by simply reforming the old paradigm.

The programs features a who’s who of those leading development of a world where economies support and enhance the flourishing of all life. They are doing this under a range of labels, including  circular, flourishing,  regenerative, restoration, ecological, common good, doughnut economics, decroissance / degrowth, wellbeing economy, strongly sustainable, Buen Vivir, thrivability, and more. Their adherents are broadening to cities like Amsterdam with doughnut economics, countries like Slovenia with circular economics, and Costa Rica and New Zealand with regenerative approaches.

The program has been developed by Jim Garrison, President of Ubiquity University, which is leading the HR campaign, and Eduard Muller who is co-lead of Regenerate Costa Rica and founding President and Rector of la Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional.  Muller became active in the Forum with attendance at the March, 2019 AR + Transformations meeting in Sweden, co-sponsored by the Forum and Action Research;  he is Co-Lead with development of Bounce Beyond.

Muller is also a global leader with the next economies. Day 1, July 23, will begin with him providing an overview of current planetary conditions, especially focused on the planetary boundaries which are challenging human affairs with a closer look at the four planetary boundaries which have been exceeded. He will introduce regenerative development as a solution, based on the experience of Regenerate Costa Rica.  Commentators will be Ross Jackson, Founder, Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Education; Marilyn Hamilton, Founder, Integral Cities Meshworks; and Steve Waddell as Co-Lead of the SDG Transformations Forum and Bounce Beyond.

The final day, July 29, will feature Bounce Beyond and the Global Assessment for a New Economics (GANE). GANE is a research program that began mid-June, to produce a policy report; a set of change pathways and priorities, in order to develop new economies, and; infrastructure in terms of new networks and working groups around particular priorities and issues. Bounce Beyond will work with these products and identify 10 emerging Next Economies Community Transformations (NECTs) to co-create pathways to greatly accelerate development of a new economic paradigm.

See here for more program details.

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