In January 2019 a group of interested folks—academics, civil society leaders, activists, environmentalists, and organizers—met at Lancaster
Tools and Methods
What’s required to lead exceptionally large projects involving many dozens of participants from various scientific disciplines (including biophysical, social, and economic), multiple stakeholders, and efforts spanning a gamut from discovery to implementation? Such
Politics and the art of living together Ours is a world where: some people use toilets that flushby waving your hand in front of them while almost a 
Michael Bloomberg gave Johns Hopki
Join us for four webinars delving into ART: Action-oriented Research for Transformation. These are presented in preparation for the ART meeting at Chalmers University March 7-10. Registr
In the SDG Transformation Forum we often argue that a key aspect of systemic change involves shifting the dominant narrative, both for the whole system and for subsystems that need to shift. Underlying narrative transition is the relatively little understood role of