For those who value science and policy as presenting important ingredients to developing transformations, Transformations to Achieve the Sustainable Developme
Many philanthropic funders are reflecting on how to create more transformational impact. They wonder whether they are putting their resources to best use, and what they could do differently to create more sustainable solutions to the challenges they aim to address. T
In September a new organisation announced to the world it was here and
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At two up-coming gatherings, Forum folks will be coming together. It’ll be a good time to connect, and develop your own transformations agent capacity. Leverage Points
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We are celebrating the first anniversary of the Forum’s first meeting. Tony Cooke, Lead Steward for the Capacity Working Group, writes about the Form’s development. In July 2017, I got an email out of the blue from someone I’d never hear
The Forum is working with AR+ in the Ficino Project: Liberating Ivory Towers to create sustainable learning societies, w