Join us for four webinars delving into ART: Action-oriented Research for Transformation. These are presented in preparation for the ART meeting at Chalmers University March 7-10. Registr
As an avid consumer of news, articles and literature on the state of nature and natural resources and present trends, I have developed a discerning eye
There are strong empirical and ethical arguments for degrowth – understood as a voluntary, democratically negotiated, equitable downscaling of societies’ physical throughput until it reaches a sustainable steady-state. Since economic growth is one of the main dri
Metanarrative is a story or narrative that overarches other types of stories
For those who value science and policy as presenting important ingredients to developing transformations, Transformations to Achieve the Sustainable Developme
Many philanthropic funders are reflecting on how to create more transformational impact. They wonder whether they are putting their resources to best use, and what they could do differently to create more sustainable solutions to the challenges they aim to address. T